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'Semana Santa' or Holy Week in Spain is not to be missed. In Granada, people take their Holy Week very seriously, and the Granada processions are quite spectacular. If you've never seen a Holy Week procession before, it can be quite breath-taking. Each hermandad (literally "brotherhood") has their own procession and is understandably extremely proud of their figures of Christ and the Virgin Mary. Everyone is involved and a lot of time and effort is spent making the figures as beautiful as possible.

A survey has shown that only 40 per cent of Spaniards are still taking a siesta.

"It is little more than a myth that is interesting from a tourism point of view."

That is the opinion of a sleep expert after a survey claims that almost 60 per cent of Spaniards never take an afternoon nap.

The study by the government discovered that of the 40 per cent that do take a nap only 28 per cent choose to do so in bed.

The study also found that men older than 45 are the ones more likely to take the traditional siesta tucked up in bed rather than on the sofa.

If it's guaranteed sunshine you're after, head for any of the southern Costas in the Summer months, says a report complied by Granada's Costa Tropical was found to be the top desination for winter months. Due to the sheltering influence of the Sierra Nevada mountains, it enjoys the warmest winter weather of any of the Costas. In summer, average temperatures of 26°C make it the perfect beach destination.

Top of the scorchers is the ever-popular Costa del Sol with the Costa Tropical and Costa Almeria not far behind.  The section of the Costa de la Luz in Huelva is the one most likely to rain on your summer parade - thanks again to that unpredictable Atlantic influence.

Sierra Nevada benefits from six-million euro reforestation scheme. Two huge-scale reforestation projects in Granada are set to get underway in 2009.  Both the Sierra Nevada mountain range and the Sierra de Baza Natural Park will benefit from the six-million euro regeneration plan. The more ambitious of the two will see 3,400 hectares of protected land in the Sierra Nevada restored after the forest fires that decimated the area in 2005.

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