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The wine guide for Andalucia - Rural Granada Villas White villages with backdrop of Sierra Nevada

Wine in Andalucia has come a long way since the Phoenicians first planted vineyards in the fertile Cadiz area in 1100 BC.

Today, there are over 40,000 hectares of vines planted in 20 regions, and Andalucia is slowly becoming revered worldwide as an important center for wine-lovers.

From the historic sherry huses of Jerez, to the up-and-coming new vineyards near Ronda and Granada, Andalucia boasts numerous top-quality wines.

Over half the wine in Andalucia is produced in four major ‘Denominación de Origen’ (DO) areas—Jerez, Malaga, Montilla Moriles, and Condado de Huelva – but 16 other regions have ‘Vino de la tierra’ certifications, which is one step below DO on the Spanish wine quality ladder.

The vast majority of these have only sprung up over the last decade, with many only a couple of years old. To use the words of American wine guru Robert Parker: “Andalucia is one of the key regions to watch.”

In their article, the Olive Press offers you a potted journey around the different zones, as part of  their 12 part series on Andalucian wines.

Best of all, next time you’re at a dinner party, bust out these facts and show all your friends what an Andalucian wine aficionado you are!

Source: John Clarke, The Olive Press.

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