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walkingHowever, for many walkers, the main appeal of the region are the Sierra Nevada mountains which form the northern edge of the Alpujarra.  The range has more than a dozen peaks over 3,000m including mainland Spain’s highest peak.

The high peaks are surrounded by remote mountain valleys and corries bounded by narrow rocky ridges. The range as a whole offers walkers with some hill walking experience, a chance to experience high mountain terrain and an opportunity to bag some dramatic 3,000m + peaks.

Classic routes in the Sierra Nevada include ascents of peaks such as of Veleta whose dramatic summit stands high above Granada, Trevenque which includes a simple scramble to a dramatic summit with drops on all sides and above them all Mulhacen which at 3482m is the highest point in mainland Spain.

High level routes are generally 15-20km over rugged terrain, take 8-10 hours and are suitable for those with a good level of fitness and some UK mountain walking experience.

If you are going on your own, without someone who knows the area, then a map and a guidebook are useful. Here are some suggested titles:

Walking in Andalucia: The Best Walks in Southern Spain's Natural Parks (Santana Guides) by Guy Hunter-Watts

Walk the Alpujarras by Charles Davis and David Brawn

Alpujarras Tour & Trail Super-Durable Map (2nd ed. Tour & Trail Maps) by David Brawn and Ros Brawn

Holiday Walks in the Alpujarra (Holiday Walks) by Jeremy Rabjohns

The Andalucia tourist board also lists some routes on its website, click here to see them.

If you have a GPS device, this is also very useful and you can search for and download routes from this website: 

The GR-7

The letters GR stand for "Gran Recorrido" (Long Journey). The GR7 is the footpath through Andalucia, which forms part of the European Route No. 4. The route is made up of itineraries, which are designed to avoid crossing or using tarmac roads or any roads used by traffic, wherever possible.

The section of the GR-7 walkway, which goes through the province of Granada, is as varied as it is beautiful. The Granada route covers some 500 kilometers.

From the starting point in the province, at Ventas de Zafarraya, you carry on to Alhama de Granada, where it's worth stopping off at the Balneario (traditional spa), which is just outside of the town. You can either stay overnight at the Balneario or just soak your feet in the warm natural waters, which flow into the river beside the spa car park. The route carries on across the province into the Valle de Lecrín, a wonderful valley where the oranges ripen and the almond blossoms in spring, while at the same time the snowy peaks of the Sierra Nevada make a stunning contrast against the clear blue skies.

The route takes you through from the village of Albuñuelas, right through to Nigüelas on a journey of well worn paths, but always with an abundance of wildlife, no matter what time of the year. Dramatic rocky gorges lead you deeper into the Mountains of Andalucia, from Lanjarón (famous for its spring water and Spa treatments) right into the Alpujarra Mountains. The route takes you to the highest paths in Spain, where the some snow can always be found - even in the hottest summer months. This demanding, mountain route through the Sierra Nevada Mountains of Granada ends at Bayarcal - at 1,255 meters, the highest village in the Province of Almería.

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